Meet The Team

Beauty Etiquette Training School
  1. Bella Goode
    Bella Goode is the Hereford area Training Director, with countless years of experience in the Industry and hand picked by Us to teach you all of her skills.
  2. Meena Nahar
    Meena Nahar is our Bedfordshire and London area director. She was hand picked in 2012 and has an amazing flare for global beauty training.
  3. Vicki Clarke
    Vicki Clarke is the founder and director of Beauty Etiquette Training School and Vicki Clarke Cosmetics. You will find her mainly at the Cardiff Head Office branch of Training, ensuring her school, tutors & students are the best in the industry..
  4. Heidi Gulwel
    Heidi Gulwel is Beauty Etiquettes Cardiff & Vale Course Diector. She is an excellent tutor of hair design, hair extensions and Bridal make up techniques. She enhances hair and make up studies at Cardiff.
  5. John Ninnas
    John Ninnas is our creative director of training school film material. All filming material is edited into simple to follow instructions and he is fabulous at what he does.
  6. Rebecca Toner
    Rebecca Toner is our onsite photographer for make up media studies. With a wealth of experience in fashion photography and hands on ability, she enhances all student portfolios ready for hunt for paid assignments in the industry.

Join Our Team

We are always excited and keen to bring in fresh talent from all areas of the UK.  If you are interested in working with us, please dont hesitate to contact us