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Salon Retail

Increase Your salon Profits

Hair and Beauty clients are alays on the look out for products to take away from your store to use at home.  Why not sell them items that they can continue to maintain their procedures at home, inbetween their appointments.
Vicki Clarke cosmetics have an extensive range of products suitable to sell to your client and without effecting your treatment sales. We have a range of lotions, conditioners, room diffusers and even perfumes for you to retail.  

Benifits to Retailing Vicki Clarke Cosmetics Brand


Increase Profit

Your customers want to leave your salon owning a product that is designed for salon use and to achieve great results themselves in between appointments. Many also want to take away something as a gift, so that there friends or family can share the amazing experience they have just had at your salon.

Vicki Clarke Cosmetics follow the latest trends and listen to the customer and therpist.  For Example; we have 'Vegan' Products, High pigmentation, natural formulas, not tested on animal, sleek packaging, to name a few.

The Brand

Seasonal Sales

Vicki Clarke Cosmetics have created retail products for the clients that can be bought as gifts at Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays or even for themselves and their home. Some items may include; perfume, aftershave, ,shaving balms &wash kits, Collagen and anti aging serums, home signature sent candles and diffusers.


Design your own budget

Vicki Clarke Cosmetics will help you achieve a retail option for clients regardless of your budget. Start small with a till point selection of small items, or go large with full stands of our best selling retails items. Regardless of your retail product needs, we have a solution for all salons.

As Vicki Clarke Cosmetics are also a Cosmetology School, we continually listen to students feedback, giving us an advantage to continue developing the products and adding new necessary products to our range.

Tried & Tested

We will also send you advise sheets for all of our products and short videos , so you can effectively sell your new retail range to your clients.


Bespoke Retail Pakages

Vicki Clarke Cosmetics can design a retail range for your salon no matter your budget.  We can customise the perfect retail products for your salons needs. We can even help advise you on where to position them with in your salon to optimise greater sales. Just send us a picture of your salon and your budget and we will send you out ideas and options for your new retail range.

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